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Storage cabinets

Storage cabinets for hazardous items
Secure your storage and manufacturing facilities

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Professional for your warehouse

Rack systems

Upgrade your production facilities
with top quality rack systems and high load capacity

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Professional for your warehouse


Upgrade your manufacturing facilities
with premium quality skips with high payload capacity

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Braće Radića 36, Staro Petrovo Selo

BARTELS-CONJAR d.o.o. provodi projekt
„Projekt sufinancira Europska unija iz Europskog fonda za regionalni razvoj“.

Više o projektu

For skips, rack systems and storage equipment– choose Bartels

Bartels is the specialist for custom-made rack systems and offers rack solutions and storage equipment for all needs and demands. Whether you require storage racks, industrial racks or individual custom-made rack constructions – the company has been one of the leading manufacturers of storage equipment for almost 80 years.


Our constructions are state-of-the-art, which is why our racks are successfully used by well-known companies all around the globe. Our trademark “Made by Bartels-Conjar” stands for high-quality products.

In-house production

We produce custom-built rack systems for sheets, lengthy goods, heavy loads and tipping skips for all purposes. Our technicians and engineers have decades of experience.

After sales service

We are there for you even after your order has been completed, as the topic of safety in your company is more important than ever! Our rack inspectors offer annual safety inspections of your storage equipment.

Rack systems

Bartels-Conjar is the specialist for custom-made rack systems and offers rack solutions and storage equipment for all needs and demands.


They are used for collecting a wide range of bulk waste materials, such as scrap, chips, broken glass, rubbish, granulates.

Other products

Roller conveyors, stair climbers, battery-driven lifters, pallet inverters and tippers and other storage equipment.

Take a look at our online shop and convince yourself of the monthly changing offers. An extensive and professional range of conveying, lifting and storage equipment.

Current catalog

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