90 Degree Pallet Tipper

90 degree pallet tipper is built specifically according to your wishes based on the established designs used by PAYNE for many years.

The pallet tipper grips the load with two guide plates. The unit tilts back 90 degrees and then turns 180 degrees until it finally rests on the ground and unclamps. It can be loaded with (electric) lift trolleys or forklifts. Ground-level loading is possible directly or by ramp, depending on customer specifications.

The pallet tipper is suitable for large and small loads, e.g., for plywood, heavy steel plates, boxes and stacks of print material. Options for operator control and workplace safety are available.

Load capacity 500 kg

90 degree pallet tippers have a wide range of applications. They are ideal for plasterboards, steel rollers, spindles, axle boxes, paper reels, filters, fencing parts, and more. The 90 degree pallet tipper may be used at ground level, integrated into a conveyor system or loadable from the top by a crane or c-hooks.

With a load capacity ranging from 500 kg to 20.000 kg, the number of applications is great.


We offer all models of the 90 degree pallet tipper fitted for cold storage up to -40 degree C.

All equipment can be custom-made according to your requirements – our consultants would be glad to assist you.