180 Degree Pallet Inverter

Our 180 degree pallet inverter facilitates the quick exchange of pallets and easy access to damaged goods.

The standard pallet inverter grips the load with a guide plate and turns it by 180 degrees. The device is loaded by forklift or similar in the raised position. It can also be placed on a loading ramp to make loading at ground level possible. The standard 180 degree pallet inverter is suitable for all product and packaging types and is manufactured in 6 different sizes to accommodate several load heights.

Load capacity 2.000 kg, spacing 1.090-2.160 mm


  • Quick and easy exchange of pallets
  • Easier access to damaged goods
  • Cost reduction of rental pallets
  • Simple reloading from wood to plastic or aluminum pallets
  • No manual handling
  • Pressure of clamping plates adjustable (optional)
  • Increased productivity


We offer all models of the 180 degree pallet inverter fitted for cold storage up to -40 degree C.

All equipment can be custom-made according to your requirements – our consultants would gladly assist you.

Pictures Pallet Inverter

Pictures Pallet Inverter Triple L

Pictures Pallet Inverter MSL

Pictures Pallet Inverter for Stacks and greater loads