110 Degree Pallet Exchanger “V-Exchanger”

The V-Exchanger tilts goods with pallets backwards by 110 degree.

Palette are then lowered down to facilitate their exchange without manual handling. Thanks to this model approximately 35 pallets can be replaced in an hour. The V-Exchanger 110 degree pallet exchanger is suitable for integration into automated logistics systems.

The pallet exchanger is designed to make any manual handling unnecessary while replacing one pallet with another (e.g. wood with plastic).

The pallet changer can be loaded at ground level without the help of a ramp or pit. Once the exchanger is loaded by the press of a button, the load it is supported at the sides and the top. All three clamping plates contain a unique precision clamping system designed by PAYNE which protects the load from being damaged.

The 110 degree pallet exchanger V-Exchanger can be equipped with pallet alignment so that the new pallet can be kept centered, ready for loading. Pallet exchangers support various pallet heights. After the exchange the old pallet is held by the clamps and securely returned to the ground. The palette can be easily removed by (electric) lift trolley or forklift and exchanged against a new one. Subsequently, reset the photoelectric sensors and press ‘Start’ again. The loads is carefully and securely placed on the new pallet making any further handling unnecessary.

  • Quick and easy exchange of pallets
  • Loadable at ground level
  • Cost reduction of rental pallets
  • Simple reloading from wood to plastic or aluminum pallets
  • No manual handling
  • Pressure of clamping plates adjustable
  • Fully automated
  • Increased productivity


We offer all models of the 110 Degree Pallet Exchanger V-Exchanger fitted for cold storage up to -40 degree C.

All equipment can be custom-made according to your requirements – our consultants would gladly assist you.