Alitrak DCT-300P

The DCT-300 is a crawler carrier extremely effective in building sites and indoors, in tunnels or underground, in the vineyards or orchards and in places where tracked traction and zero emission are essential. It is suitable for confined spaces since it is compact and can turn on itself. Equipped, with special motors and drivers, it allows the best benefits during the work and grants bigger autonomy (product image with 300 lt. skip and hydraulic tipping, not included in the basic version).
  • Specifications
  • Loading capacity
  • Dimensions L x W x H
  • Weight
  • Electromotor
  • Battery
  • Speed
  • DCT-300
  • 600 kg
  • 790 x 1.420 x 1.075 mm
  • 387 kg
  • 2x24V/1300 watt
  • AGM 4x 12V/114 Ah C20
  • 4,5 / 2,3 km/h